Qualifications for a Grant



Organizations must have a 501 (c) (3) tax status and be able to provide financials, budgets, a complete proposal description and list of funders and board members.

Grant Cycles

Requests are considered quarterly.  Multi-year commitments are generally limited to capital projects. We prefer not to make grants to endowment funds.

Who Can Apply

Grants are not made to individuals, but to nonprofit organizations that can provide benefits to the residents of Saginaw County.

How To Apply


There is no formal application form, but the Morley Foundation will accept the Council of Michigan Foundations’ common grant application form, available here.

To be considered for a grant, the applicants should submit a proposal electronically to morleyfamilyfoundation@gmail.com with the following information to be considered for a grant:

• The nature and potential results of the program.

• A brief history of the organization, with the institutions and personnel  responsible for the work.

• The total cost of the project.

• The amount requested.

• The strategy or process for meeting the program objectives.

• Sources of support and list of other sources currently being applied to for support.

• The names of management and the names and occupations of voluntary Trustees or Directors of the organization.

• Evidence of tax-exempt status, latest audited financial statement, and current budget.

Each year we must decline many worthy request due to the simple fact that our funds are limited and the need for these funds are many. A requester should not take a decline by the Foundation as a judgment on the merits of their request.