Below is a list of grantees that have recently received a grant. Click on the organization name to learn more about them.

Grants at Work

READ Program

Saginaw Area Fireworks

Saginaw Area Foundation for Eye Care

Saginaw Art Museum

Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy

Saginaw Bay Symphony

Saginaw Choral Society

Saginaw Community Village

Saginaw County Building Authority

Saginaw Film Festival

Saginaw Habitat for Humanity

Saginaw Kiwanis Club

Saginaw Music Scholarship

Saginaw Public Schools

Saginaw Valley Concert Assc.

Saginaw YMCA Camperships

Temple Theatre

Trinity United Methodist Church

Westlund Child Guidance Clinic

Young Women's Christian Association

Discovery Preserve

Discovery Preserve in Bay City, MI provided by the Saginaw Basin Land Conservancy.  Home to the Discovery Playground, a learning landscape built around kids.

Golson Nature Area

Golson Nature Area is a City of Bay City park along the Saginaw River.  It has about 30 acres of natural space, trails, and long undisturbed frontage along the Saginaw Bay.